Our Story

The Cabin Max story started in the summer of 2007. I was running a business with 3 others from a room above my garage. I had a young daughter and had stretched myself to buy a house large enough for me to work from so I could help out and be around for my baby daughter.  

Our main business was a gifts and gadgets website called http://gadgetsuk.com My background is in product design and we had some success with a product we had developed called SmartFinder, which is a RF key locator. 

I have been a keen traveller since my student days when at 17 I cycled across France  in the middle of a heat wave from St Malo to Narbonne with my faster and fitter cousin, this taught me the need to travel light! I have taken this philosophy with me on every trip since.

 In the Summer of 2007 I had a trip booked with Ryanair and certainly didn’t want to pay the check in baggage charge so went looking for a bag that fitted the Ryanair strict limit 55 x 40 x 20 cm. I couldn’t find one the exact size they were either too big or too small and when I did find a case that fitted it weighed loads.  I ended up buying a rucksack for £50 that did the job but disappointingly didn’t fill the luggage gauge. I vowed on my return to design a bag that was lightweight fitted the max and was good value for money. The Cabin max 44L backpack was born.

 Finding the right factory to make the product proved quite difficult as I knew that the bags would be stuffed full and needed to take 10kg but at the same time lightweight.  We purchased a luggage gauge and tested lots of prototypes until we found the right factory who have proved to be reliable partners ever since.

Our Cabin Max range has developed ever since that first backpack, as there seems to be a different bag requirement for every customer, and for my children as they grow up. We are focused on providing the best possible bags at the best possible prices from the factory direct to the customer. We ensure the bags are the best quality and bags are replaced or refunded without quibble. Customers are everything to myself and the Cabin Max team, the brand has grown strongly by word of mouth recommendations, and is now known all over Europe.



 Martin Barwise

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