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Packing Cubes and Toiletry Bag



  • Set of two packing cubes both 38x28x10cm and hand luggage approved translucent toiletry case 20x20x5cm..
  • Packing cubes feature zip fasten to keep items secure and grab handles for easy manoeuvre.
  • Mesh panels on the front allow items within to breathe.
  • Translucent Toiletry bag specially designed for hand luggage. Size and translucency fit within the IATA guidelines for liquids.

  • Packing made simple! Simply pack your items into the cubes and upon arrival at your destination, remove and enjoy your holiday with no time wasted on unpacking! Mesh inserts ensure your items breathe and the grab handle allows you to easily move and store the cube. The toiletry bag is transparent and measures 20x20x10cm. It has been designed to fit within IATA guidelines for travelling with liquids. Sail through security by being prepared! Set includes two packing cubes and one toiletry bag.p>