London City Airport has scrapped the 100ml rule. Packing for your holidays is about to get much easier. London City Airport has implemented a new security system that means you no longer need to monitor your liquids and electronic devices that you take with you in your hand luggage. Scrambling through your bathroom and make up bag to find items that are only 100ml is stressful, time consuming and frankly, a huge pain. Even if you have been savvy enough to buy empty 100ml containers to transfer your beauty products into, the mess you make on the way makes the whole thing almost not worth it. Which is why the government’s new announcement to scrap the 100ml laws at all UK airports by 2024 is music to our ears. The allowance will increase to 2 litres, meaning toiletries, drinks and beauty products will sail through security without you having to empty your items out into a plastic bag, only to put them back in as soon as you have passed through all the checks. The new rule also applies to electronic devices; you will no longer need to remove any electrical items such as laptops, chargers and kindles from your bags and place them in the tray. Meaning that when you pack your bags for your holiday, there is nothing to consider except how many books you are going to need and which outfit will look best at the beach club.

London City Airport is the first London airport to try out this new way of travelling. Using special 3D CT scanners, bags will be checked without a single item having to be removed. The new screening equipment takes a detailed scan of your bag, with the security officer able to see everything inside without you having to lift a finger.

Travel writer Sophie Swietochowski tried the experience out for herself, “it was such a different and much more pleasant experience — no stress, no waiting and the experience on a whole was far less stressful” She commented how smooth the experience was for her and her travel buddy. Passing through security took minutes rather than hours on a busy travel day. The scrapping of these rules is welcome news for both travellers and airports with Skyscanner revealing that 29% of Brits are more likely to use an airport with these new scanners, and 30%would be more likely to travel with just hand luggage without these limits.

Travelling with hand luggage alone is a much more seamless experience. When you hop off the plane with your Metz 30L Rpet Backpack you can head straight to security and out to your destination without the faff of waiting for your things to arrive at baggage claim. Bosses at London City Airport have already reported a huge improvement on queue lengths at security with bottleneck mayhem reducing, meaning that travelling by air has become an even easier experience for passengers. It is worth noting that few other airports have implemented these rules and could be slow to follow suit. So while travelling from City Airport is a breeze, your return journey will still require you to follow the usual 100ml rules. But one European destination quick to follow suit is Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. So any holidaymakers travelling from City Airport to Schiphol and back are going to have an express trip that rivals the Eurostar. Be sure to check the rules both for your departing and arrival airport before you leave, to ensure your Anode 30L Underseat Case is packed and ready to go for your next big trip.

June 12, 2023 — Martin Barwise