Makers of the original Metz Cabin Backpack since 2007.  Our hand luggage is designed to be lightweight, robust and improve your travel experience. With over 2 million bag sales since then we can be spotted in airports all over the world.

We make it our mission to know the latest hand luggage requirements and design quality bags and cases to fit to the max. Guaranteed!

Quite a long time ago, aged 17 and during a summer heatwave I cycled with my cousin down through France, packed with everything we thought we needed. This taught me a very valuable lesson- to pack well, and to travel as light as possible!

In 2007 I had a trip booked with Ryanair, so I went looking for a bag that fitted the new Ryanair strict carry on limit 55 x 40 x 20 cm. I couldn’t find anything that exact size, they were either too big or too small. I ended up buying a rucksack that did the job but disappointingly didn’t fit the luggage gauge properly. It presented an opportunity to fix this demand / supply problem and design a bag that was lightweight fitted the maximum and was good value for money. The best selling Cabin Max Metz 44L backpack was born.

Since then with the help of customer feedback, talented designers and a fantastic team based in Wrexham, Wales we have developed a large range of backpacks and cases to fit the luggage gauges of all the major airlines.

It was a simple idea that you can save time and money avoiding the baggage carousel, our fellow travellers agreed, and we now distribute Cabin Max all over the world.

We want to be part of your travels so please share your adventures with us #cabinmax

Cabin Max | Traveller | Designer | Founder | 

Martin Barwise